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Today’s Globetrotter: Traveling and Exploring the World

For those of an adventurous nature, staying at home simply isn’t an option. Instead, they yearn to broaden their horizons and come face-to-face with people, places, and cultures radically different from their own.

This website is intended for today’s globetrotter; the man or woman who can’t stay in one place; who yearns to see other parts of the world and immerse themselves in exotic language and custom. Here, readers will find a selection of engaging articles on various subjects about international travel and exploration.


Since the adventures of Marco Polo, travel writing has remained a respected literary genre. Recent examples of highly-regarded travelogues include ‘Overland from Cairo to Cape Town’ by Paul Theroux and ‘A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush’ by Eric Newby.

This site’s ‘literature’ section features detailed commentary on these travel classics and many others, all conveniently arranged according to geographical region and publication date.

Travel Today

Along with paying tribute to great travelers and travel writers of the past, this site also features a range of material related to contemporary exploration and accommodation. Here, readers will find up-to-date information about popular (or out-of-the-way) vacation spots all over the world, new airline routes, and highly-rated hotels and restaurants.

Created by seasoned travelers for seasoned travelers, this site represents a one-stop-shop for anyone who suffers from wanderlust. Whatever today’s globetrotter needs, from a good travel book to cheap flight tickets, chances are they will find it here.